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The Five Stages of Grief: Jeremy Lin’s Departure From the New York Knicks

How I mourned the loss of #17.

By Sylvia Kwon

Denial: Who’s Raymond Felton? Who’s Jason Kidd? What $25 million dollar contract? Anyway… I’m excited to see Lin play as point guard for the Knicks next season!

Anger: I’m not going to be a Knicks fan anymore. I’m so upset that I might just go ahead and bash my hand into a fire extinguisher.

Bargaining: Maybe this is the best way for Lin to grow as a player. The Knicks suck anyway.

Depression: I hate James Dolan. I hate J.R. Smith. I (sort of) hate Carmelo Anthony. I hate my life. All he wanted to do was play in New York. That’s all he wanted…

Acceptance: What’s done is done. He’s a Rocket now. At least we still have Steve Novak?