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Today, Americans are more aware than ever of their food choices—where the food comes from, its locality, how it was produced, and its health quotient. But back in the 1970s, local food movements were largely nonexistent. It was the Japanese Americans living in California who began advocating for local, organic farming. This comic tells the stories of Japanese American food pioneers in California who have changed how Americans eat.

—Sam Nakahira




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Sam Nakahira is a 2019 graduate of Grinnell College, interested in sharing stories from history, current events, and her daily life through comics. Since she was a kid, she would read comics, manga, and graphic novels all day long. Just as her favorite cartoonists and artists have done for her, she wants to draw stories that transform readers' worlds, perspectives, and thoughts. She is currently working on creating a nonfiction, historical graphic novel about a Japanese American food retailer. Visit her website:

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