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Gung Hei Fat Choi everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful Lunar New Year; and congratulations to all those guitarists that won a Grammy last night.

Speaking of lunar grammys let’s watch five-time Grammy winner Céline Dion wish you a happy new year.

In Mandarin…

Chilean authorities are exhuming the body of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda on suspicion he did not in fact die of a heart attack but that then newly instated Pinochet’s secret agents actually poisoned him.

Speaking of radical verse, ponder the fairer sex with Lisa L. Moore’s tribute to and examination of movement poetry and franchising the feminist divide with poetry.

First feminist theory, then lesbian sex, then poetry. As my friend put it, “That was it.”

Or are you not a fan of womynz? Neither are these guys.

And let’s never forget Valentine’s Day. Ever. (NSFPussies)


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