Mohamad Saleh

Mohamad Saleh is a Palestinian writer and director from Amman and Brooklyn. He was an Open City Fellow of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop in 2019. Previously, he was an editor at the Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 2020, he cofounded Mr Sebs, an animation and production studio. That year, Mr Sebs produced an animated documentary film for Harvard University titled “#After Lockdown: Very Short Stories about Enduring a Global Pandemic,” which was an official selection at the Big Apple Film Festival and the SENE Film Festival. In 2022, Mr Sebs premiered their first original short film, “Bensonhurst,” which was an official selection at a number of festivals and competitions, winning Best Animation at the New York Independent Cinema Awards. Both shorts were produced and directed by Mohamad.