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Love Letters

A flash folio edited by Yi Wei

The Love Letters folio, edited by Yi Wei, brings together twelve pieces of flash that capture several different perspectives, angles, and actions on loving in the world. “Rather than thinking about each of the stories in this folio as purely love stories, I ask you to consider how they use love to negotiate more difficult considerations about living in the world,” writes Yi Wei. Read her editor’s note for a guide to these stories.

Artwork by Ali El-Chaer accompanies each piece in the folio.

Read the full list of pieces below.

Pieces from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Editor’s Note: Love Letters” by Yi Wei
  2. Summer Storm / Winter Storm” by Sanna Wani
  3. You Just Told Your Mother You Don’t Want Children” by Saba Keramati
  4. I Thought Love Was a Country” by Abigail Mengesha
  5. (Mis)translation” by Jihyun Yun
  6. [the zuihitsu remembers the shape of your forgetting]” by Lydia Abedeen
  7. Possession” by Nina Dewi
  8. Two Stories by Murzban F. Shroff
  9. Yellowstone” by Eliot Li
  10. Give and Take” by Shreya Fadia
  11. After,word” by George Abraham
  12. The Effect of Time on Collective Consciousness” by Nathan Xie
  13. Jeannie” by Qianze Zhang
  14. About the Art: Love Letters” by Yi Wei and Ali El-Chaer