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Fifteen pieces on song, dance, and revolution

This list is part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Margins, which highlights portions of the magazine’s archive organized around a theme.

To paraphrase anarchist writer Emma Goldman: it’s not a revolution without dancing. Song and dance support and inform our survival as people, artists, and communities. Music can be a lifeline, celebration, escape, remembrance, and transcendence. Here are works that pay homage to the rhythms of our histories and rebellions, that harmonize with our histories of rebellion.

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Pieces from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Beyond the Horse Dance
    by Sukjong Hong (2012)

  2. From Banana to Third World Marxist
    by Fred Ho (2014)

  3. Nonstop Mixing: The Bay Area’s First Filipino Mobile DJ Crew
    by Oliver Wang (2015)

  4. Breaking the Silence with Theater
    by Rahima Nasa (2016)

  5. No Radio
    by Sokunthary Svay (2017)

  6. Our Lady: Two Poems
    by Jack Saebyok Jung (2019)

  7. The Kingdom That Drips in Gold
    by Noah Flora (2020)

  8. Finding Solidarity and Survival Within a Transnational, Intergenerational Zoom Dance Party
    by Tiffany Diane Tso (2021)

  9. Please, Get Out and Dance
    by Ysabelle Cheung (2021)

  10. Two Rohingya Lullabies
    by Mayyu Ali (2021)

  11. Three Little Lullabies
    by Pop Bop, Miaozi (2021)

  12. After watching that interview with Um Kalthoum, I dance-cried in the bathroom for an hour: Two Poems
    by Kamelya Omayma Youssef (2021) 

  13. Percussion
    by Aqdas Aftab (2022)

  14. Orchid Near the Door
    by Gail N. Harada (2022)

  15. Unexpected Solace: An Interview with Michelle Zauner
    by Ruth Minah Buchwald (2022)